Traveling Ministry

If you can’t come to us, it’s O.K. because we have no problem bringing our services to you. Every other month our team of facilitators and co-facilitators travel to the Salvation Army on Luckie St. in Atlanta to offer seminars & workshops to the women in their transitional housing program through our W.O.W. Ministries Program (women of worth).  We have customized workshops and seminars such as: How to Make Stress Work for You, Who Determines your Worth, Being Content in Who you Are, the Power of Prayer, and the Power of Forgiveness just to name a few. Help us to achieve our mission and minister to the total person by allowing us to present one of our customized seminars or workshops at your next church, organization, or company function. Our primary goal is to inspire, educate, refresh, renew, and create new avenues for fun and interactive fellowship. Our traveling ministry is designed to:

1.      Deepen ones spiritual faith in God

2.      Build cohesive fellowship and enlighten the community

Traveling to meet the needs of the local community helps us develop a deeper spiritual bond. You can help us take our ministry to the next level by telling us if you or someone you know needs other services such as: Christian Life Coaching, Small Group Therapy for Local Churches, Community Mentoring, Counseling & Consulting Services, or even Marriage Enrichment classes? If so, feel free to contact us. Our team of coaches, consultants, and counselors specialize in these areas. And at a small fee, we will deliver A plus service to your door steps!

Women of Worth Ministries

WOWW.O.W.Ministries is a Christian-based program designed to empower women and educate them by targeting sensitive subjects that may otherwise be unmentionable. We feel having these dialogues will increase confidence in these women in knowing that regardless of their present and/or past, a new day is near with the guidance of God’s word. We have Christian Counselors readily available to help these women tackle against the wordly viewpoint and embrace a faith-based viewpoint. ” Without counsel purposes are disappointed: But in the multitude of counselors they are established.” Proverbs 15:22

W.O.W Ministries aids women by delivering one or more of the following possibilities:

  • Discovering more possibilites, greater potential, and increased fulfillment of their personal power
  • Achieving long and/or short term goals in their personal and /or professional lives
  • Using the tools and knowledge that enables them to develop a personal relationship with God
  • Learning to support other women as they grow into better women